Are you sure that no-one is listening?



Are you sure that no-one is listening?

With this little guy there is no doubt about it he is definitely listening – the positioning of the ears rather gives it away – but this little doggy is anything but secretive about what he is doing.

What about this everyday necessity –

it is designed as a communication device but could it be surreptitiously snooping on our every conversation – for most of us we would give an answer akin to something like “don’t be daft” that is until now.

Here at GFD HQ we would most certainly fall into the cynical group – or did so until we read a recent BBC News article entitled “Is your smart phone listening to you”   now we are not sure – the basis of the article surrounds the writing of an App that secretly activates the microphone on your phone transmits your conversation to interested parties – generally for “consumer marketing” purposes, but not always, and when you use your phone thereafter you find reference to your conversation topic or receive advertising information for the products you spoke about – BIG BROTHER may not be watching but he certainly could be listening. The scariest thing about this article is that when put to the test a team of experts were able to design an APP in a couple of days that would perform the required functions so no doubt given more time and dedication such an App could be created.

Maybe all of those stories of a couple of years ago about a certain Chinese company placing video cameras in their televisions so they could watch you watching them are not so farfetched.

Virtually every web site now uses tracking cookies (a nuisance we have all become familiar with) hit a web site activate the cookie and the remarketing software soring’s into action and next time you switch on your device an advertisement for the product pops up. Love it or hate it, it is so commonplace that we now take it for granted and yes we admit GFD HQ admit that we use this facility as marketing medium.

At the speed at which technology is developing the problem is simply keeping up with it, it may all sound a little “James Bond” but our excellent range of Solidor composite doors that our Timber Composite Doors sell on their web site offer a wonderful opportunity for “snooping” just think of all the places we could hide a microphone and transmitter, handle, door knocker, letter plate hinges etc. However, our potential customers can be assured that for the foreseeable future we have no plans for such developments – the excellent standard and Italia Collections which come in a choice of twenty-nine styles and eighteen colours with a massive choice of glazing and hardware accessories are so good – we love them – our customers love them – that we do not need hidden microphones to let our customers know how good they are.

Check out the range for yourself at our gallery page – we do not think that you will be disappointed.


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