Are You Looking For a New Front Door?!


Are You Looking For a New Front Door?!

When we talk to our customers or prospective customers as we frequently do because it is all part of the customer service which we pride ourselves upon. One of the most frequently repeated comments of those who have never spoken to Timber Composite Door before and are looking for a specific front door personal to them – is

“I know what I want but wherever I try there is always something not available so I never find the door I really want”

Here at Timber Composite Door, we understand this frustration the composite door market in the UK is pretty large but not every manufacturer has a full range of styles, colours, and accessories that allow the customer to mix and match to create the door they really want.

At Timber Composite Door we never tell customers –

“sorry you cannot have door style “A” in colour “B”


“sorry that handle / letterplate etc is not available with that style of door”

How can we be sure that we can supply our customers’ requirements – it was not easy, but amongst all the pages of information you will find on our web site you will also find that which we consider to be one of the most comprehensive “door designer” tools currently available – a door designer that allows our customers to mix and match any of the products in our vast range. We were one of the first to introduce this concept many years ago initially as so many of the competition we outsourced the software development, however, we very quickly determined that the way forward was not to outsource to individuals who did not understand our business but to create our own software team of engineers who lived and breathed our business so that they totally understood doors. The result a comprehensive designer that gives the customer total control to design whatever they want and if they can design it, we can supply it – no mean task for our engineers because we once tried to calculate how many options we could provide and it ran into billions. Even better for our customers our team are instantly available to change our door designer which means – if a product is added it is done so instantly so the customer does not miss out – equally if a product is withdrawn – it’s instantly gone from our designer so there is no chance of customer dissatisfaction of trying to order such products.

At Timber Composite Door we are hard task masters – our software team were not allowed to simply play with the door designer all day we tasked them with creating a whole management operating system – a digital support network for both the company operation and more importantly our ability to satisfy our customers every need. This management operating system allows both our customer to access our web site 24/7 365 days a year to design and order their new door and from that moment of the order, a digital process is triggered which engineers all of the “in house” confirmations, operations and notifications until your new door is finally installed.

If you are looking for a new door – a front door you want without the frustrations of not getting exactly what you want check out our web site safe in the knowledge that we can supply and install the door you want and have the sophisticated operating procedures to ensure you a hassle-free experience.

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