We Install Everywhere …


We Install Everywhere…

Timber Composite Doors install anywhere in the UK from one mainland extremity in the south – Lands End – to the other in the north John Groats – although we have no current record of fitting a door simultaneously in both places on the same day it does not mean it will never happen.



The mention of Lands End to John O’ Groats immediately throws up thoughts of endurance marathons and there are certainly plenty to choose from and why would there not be as over a considerable number of years multiple individuals on all methods of transport have undertaken the challenge.

The distance by road is traditionally taken as 874 miles but this can extend to some 1055 miles for the ultimate driving endurance test or for off-road walkers it can be as far as 1200 miles.

The record for completing the journey on a conventional bike is just under 44 hours but most cyclists take 10 to 14 days; the record for running the route is nine days for walkers there are so many routes and records it is all but impossible to pick one

So many routes so many records…

On 2 August 2017, the ultimate authority “Google Maps” calculated the fastest route by car, from the Land’s End Visitor Centre to John O’ Groats as being 837 miles and taking 14 hours 40 minutes. It also showed a walking route of 811 miles, which it suggested would take 268 hours,

The 14 hours 40 minutes seemed difficult to achieve until in  September 2017, two individuals Tommy Davies and Tom Harvey driving a specially adapted Audi S5 with an additional fuel tank and an array of equipment to avoid detection from the police and speed cameras made the national press by claiming to have completed the 841 mile journey in 9 hours and 36 minutes, The trip was allegedly tracked via a GPS tracker and filmed, although the footage and data (we assume for obvious reasons of prosecution) has not been publicly released which is hardly surprising when their average speed was 86.7 mph.

Whilst we appreciate that all of our customers require their doors as quickly as possible, we cannot condone any of our fitting teams breaking the law and we doubt if our vans could reach a top speed of 85mph let alone average it for 9 and a half hours. Our guys are very efficient installing over 100 doors per month anywhere throughout the UK that’s almost 4 every day and one of them could be your new door.

If you are considering a new front door a visit to our web site specifically our door designer where you can design the door you want (not the door someone wants to sell you) may just be the deal clincher. We have even more options of style, colour and accessories to choose from than all of the records and modes of transport for the Lands End to John O’Groats put together and multiplied by thousands – we know because we worked it out for an article back in 2017 and we have added a lot of options since then – check out Solidor Composite Front Doors 1 Billion Options


Why not start your new door search by checking out our gallery page and seeing just how good our doors look on other people’s homes – it gives you a chance to visualise just how good our new Solidor door could look on your home and as you can do all your searching and designing for your new front door from the comfort of your armchair could we make it less stressful or tiring for our customers.


PS our favourite Lands End to John O Groats record, Rhoda Jones 4 years and 4 months cycling with her parents on a trailerbike on 2 September 2018 is the youngest rider

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