The Return of An “Old Favourite”


The Return of An “Old Favourite”

Back by popular request – “Our Solidor door of the day feature”

A bit like so the question “What ever happened to?” which normally refers to “a past acquaintance” “a sports or entertainment celebrity” the one that pops up most regularly in the GFD office (home of Timber Composite Doors) is whatever happened to the Solidor door of the day feature”

So as if by magic we will be bringing this popular feature back during the month of January and all of our customers will be able to review such classics as –

Red Solidor Harlech Timber Composite Door – our door of the day


Rosewood Milano Solidor Timber Composite Door – our door of the day

to name but two of the literally hundreds of doors on offer on our Timber Composite Door web site

Why Solidor – anyone who viewed the Solidor TV advert over the Christmas period will have heard the following descriptions of every Solidor door –






Words we all want to hear describing our new front door but words that do not describe the multitude of styles and colours and accessories or the super secure Ultion locks fitted as standard that you will also discover when you visit the Timber Composite Doors web site and investigate the full range of Solidor doors we can provide.

Why Timber Composite Doors rather than Solidor direct – the easy answer is that the Masonite (manufacturers of Solidor) marketing model is only to sell their product through tried and tested resellers whom they have vetted and whom take as much care of their product as they do themselves. The answer we at Timber Composite Door believe we are one of if not the biggest and the best of the preferred list of resellers – a boast we believe we can justify.

During 2019 we sold and installed 100+ Solidors each and every month and we did so throughout the UK from Lands End to John O` Groats and every postcode in between – that’s almost four doors for every working day somewhere throughout the UK

Our customers love pour web site because not only does it tell you everything you would ever need to know about the specification and construction of the door it also gives you the opportunity to design every facet of your door request a quote to match your requirements and order your door 24/7 365 days a year and we even offer 12 months 0 % finance to assist your purchase.

With all of these benefits, we are not surprise our customers have requested the return of our “door of the day” feature it is after all the best “spoiler alert” you can get to see how good our doors look on someone else’s home and set you off dreaming as to how good they would look on yours.

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