And they wonder why we complain


And they wonder why we complain – Timber Composite doors take(s) on the world – Take 4 – Post Script


OOOps looks like we have got one of these

No sooner it seems had we finished writing our last article following management advice that we spend a little more time describing the hardware and accessories that we provide than the next bombshell arrives on our desk. This time we are in the clear but not best pleased –

“whilst we appreciate your efforts in fulfilling our requests you really should keep up to date – we know that you are aware that our web site will be launched any day soon and that there are lots of new and exciting products and some changes to the existing.

Please – before you start quoting Specifics check to ensure that they still apply – we have attached a further copy of new doors and accessories – please review and amend your articles accordingly”

So we checked –

We think we are ok on the accessories locks and handles and all, that good staff – but the glass – well we said it was a nightmare graphically – the nightmare just got worse because one of the examples we used –


But it’s not all bad because there are a number of new glass patterns being introduced – take a look at these beauties.



When we have had time to analyse all these changes – the management forget we are only the poor relations who write the blogs and articles and so therefore the last ones to know anything – but when we have analysed all these changes we will be back to inform you of all the new goodies you can expect in the new web site – which we know is coming but they have not told us when – but very soon so we hear and its bigger and better and more user friendly – pity the management were not a bit more user friendly to us.



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