White Gold BBC 2 is Back : Trust in the invisible Sales person


With the return of BBC 2 White Gold for its 2nd series last night, we like millions of other sat watching. The humour is great, but its hard to believe that the industry of which we are part of used to operate like this back in the 90’s.

Whats more, when we speak to customers it appears some of the un scrupulous tactics used back then, are still in play for some in this industry!

From Day one, its something we have avoided. We wanted to be different, to do things right, the way we would want to buy a door!

BBC2 White Gold Trailer


Trust in the invisible Sales person

One of the many benefits of dealing with an online company is that you never need to see us.

In those dark bad old days before the internet the door and window replacement sales industry had a rather unfortunate image – largely because it was a time when the salesman would come to your home and try to impress you with his brochures and “managers special offers” (applicable only to you????) and as his livelihood was based upon commission generated from sales he was determined not to leave your home until you had committed to the sale. He / she would sit on your sofa drink endless cups of coffee and waffle for hours or bore you to death with photographs you did not want to see and quotations you did not want to receive and then after approximately 3 hours he / she would announce his / her “Managers discount/ Managers deal of the day” make a phone call to no one in particular and then tell you that you can have a 95% discount

Compare and contrast with sitting at home, at your leisure, browsing the internet in your own time , finding the Timber Composite Door web site being suitably pleased by the quality of the product and the competitiveness of the prices, relaxing with a cup of coffee and using our “door designer” to create the door you really want

Hassle free sales where you are placing your trust in an invisible salesperson – that’s the way we like it here at GFD Group, all of our companies operate “On Line” and all of our web sites are designed to be as customer friendly and as informative as possible – we have spent over ten years perfecting them based upon what our customers have told us they want to see and we are not to proud to say we are still learning.

Because our whole sales pitch is on line and we let our web site do the talking we can state with certainty that we will not do any of the following

We will not hassle you endlessly on the telephone for an appointment (we normally only do call backs when you want to talk to us)

We will not push brochures /flyers through your door (we have brochures which you can request on the web site and we will deliver by post.

We will provide you with all the quotations you require but we will not pressurise you to buy


We at Timber Composite Door are more than happy to be judged upon the quality and content of our web site and the excellent sales and after sales telephone service of our staff – all of which is supported by our customers independent TRUST PILOT reviews . From our Home page where we get straight into the swing of things by providing a short video telling you the customer exactly what we can do for you

Solidor TImber Composite Doors from Timber Composite Doors on Vimeo.

Followed by sample images and indicative prices for our -Contemporary, Traditional, Stable and French door ranges just to whet the appetite for your upcoming task, then you are off on your own into the pages that tell you everything you would ever need to know – and probably answer the questions you would have forgotten to ask –

Hover your mouse over the “useful information icon” on the Home Page– and you will have access to all of the following – the sort of stuff that the salesman of yesteryear used to waffle about for hours becomes a leisurely read at your convenience.

If you have further questions or are simply seeking confirmations try our “Chat line” where as they say in all the best ads “our fully trained operators are waiting for your call” and when we say our we mean our not some “Call Centre” relaying info –these are real people sitting in our Billingham office who really know our/their business.

Put all of the above together and we reckon that all of that information sitting on your sofa would take about three days for the old fashioned Salesman to get his point across – but fortunately you do not have to do that – simply switch on your device find our Timber Composite Door web site and browse at your leisure

When you have found out everything you need to know and you have designed your dream door simply proceed to purchase and leave the rest to us.

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