First Choice – your dilemma


First Choice – your dilemma

It is that time of the year again – winter is behind us – spring in most parts of the country seems to have arrived albeit a bit stuttering in some places and your thoughts have turned to holidays – no doubt heavily influenced by the masses of TV and newspaper advertisements. Winter may be gone, but is it forgotten, was your home warm and cosy or are you one of those individuals who has not changed their front door for years and who suffered endless icy draughts that kept your home cool and made you have to run the heating somewhat more than you wanted. How much did those draughts cost you in monetary terms? Maybe if you had changed your front door a couple of years ago those very same savings you could have made could have been partially financing this year’s holiday.

But now when the kids are already muttering about “Disney” and you have already discussed “Spain” with the lady in your life – you are still torn – you know that your front door will not get any better and a bad winter next year or the year after will only lead to more money wasted on heating bills, but a holiday is very appealing.

You have a dilemma –

Seven days of sunshine relaxation and fun with memories that you will hopefully cherish forever


A new composite front door that will provide you and your family with warmth and security for years to come (a composite door can have a life span of thirty years) and will save you money on your heating bills for all those future years.

At Timber Composite Doors we understand your dilemma not only do we provide a huge range of Solidor hardwood core composite doors in dozens of styles and colours we also offer the option of twelve month 0% finance terms for qualifying customers, it may not solve your dilemma but it certainly will help.

However, if you should choose to visit our website, we will unfortunately provide you with yet another dilemma –

Which door – which style – which colour- which accessories – but we will guarantee you hours of endless fun whilst you are making that choice – our door designer allows you to select exactly the door you want be it traditional or contemporary – we are certain that within our range you will be able to design a door that is perfect for your home. We even provide indicative INSTALLED prices for typical doors (and we install throughout the UK) on our “Traditional” and “Contemporary “   pages – so before you start designing you have an idea of the cost of your preferred door

The door used above is a Red London pattern door and is just one of the hundreds of doors featured in our gallery of photographs of doors we have installed in recent years – there may be a photograph included within the gallery that will provide you with the inspiration for the choice of your new front door.

We may not have solved your Holiday/ New Composite Front Door dilemma but hopefully we have guided you in the direction of the company that should be your First Choice for your new front door.


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