Trustpilot 400 years of Success!


Composite Door Reviews : Trustpilot 400 years of Success!

We keep telling all our doubters that the Trust Pilot reviews we publish on our web site are the “real thing” – we at Timber Composite Doors have no input into their content, they are all written by genuine purchasers of our doors and the opinions/comments stated are those of the individuals concerned. This ongoing saga of doubt has been running for all of the ten years of the GFD Group existence – back in summer 2015 we featured a blog entitled “Bursting the bubbles of unscrupulous traders” where we even went so far as to advise our potential customers how to interrogate and review all of our reviews not just the handful of recent ones that appear on our web page – the paragraph to which we refer read –

“At GFD HQ we would encourage all of our customers to read our TRUST PILOT reviews but do not just click on the individual six or seven précised reviews at the head of the page there is a Read all Reviews Facility there are currently about 110 listed and although the majority are positive look out for the yellow or red bannered responses because they are not good – but they are in a very small minority and ultimately they have generally been resolved with the customer.

On this expanded table of reviews any prospective customer will see that GFD wherever possible comment / reply to reviews.”

We have returned to the theme of reviews many times since this specific article – but still we get the doubters telling us we are faking the reviews -not so – for those who still doubt the legitimacy of the comments here is the proof – the text featured below is the actual text notification received from Trust Pilot advising us of the receipt of a “Five Star” review – this was the first we knew of this fact

Here at GFD Group we can do no more to prove the authenticity of these reviews so for those not prepared to accept even this much evidence we can suggest only one other solution – purchase a door from us and test the system by writing your own review.

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