The perfect match Bronzed curved and sultry


The perfect match

Bronzed curved and sultry

If ever there was a door and character match thid one has to be the one made in heaven – Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in that world famous bikini (the one that sold for $96,000) and the beautiful bronzed curved and sultry Sienna Door in Irish Oak has to be that match.

She a world famous actress and the Sienna Door – it really is a Star door in its own right one that out shines even Princess Leia – but we at Timber Composite Door do believe that if she was ever to purchase a door from our selves this is the door that she would choose to live behind .

Strong secure and Part Q and Pas 24 ready this door will save her from the Hutts and oh so stylish with a multitude of glazing and accessories to choose from.

We chose Irish Oak for our comparison simply because it is colour coordinated to Leia ‘s bikini but this door looks good in any colour – we could have chosen the more subtle but equally as interesting comparison in white – although whenever Leia wheres white she seems to be carrying some form of weapon   –


The Sienna as with all of the Solidor doors marketed by Timber Composite Door comes in a range of eighteen external colours to many to include here but you can check them all out for yourself by using our door designer or look at our gallery page – as they say – a picture tells a thousand wars

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