Suited and booted or super casual or just plain dressed for comfort


Suited and booted or super casual or just plain dressed for comfort

Is it the suit

Or is it the person inside the suit that matters and therefore does it matter whether you conduct your business affairs as suited and booted

or super casual

or dressed for comfort

Tie or no tie – dress shirt or polo shirt – socks or no socks – the debate as to what is the best way to dress for business rages on – we recently ran a blog called “there is no substitute for style” featuring the song by Messrs Sinatra, Martin and Crosby how times have changed in their day these guys wore suits to breakfast not just business meetings. The old rules used to be simple – if you interfaced with the public or attended corporate style meetings – you dressed to impress. However, it now seems that no tie and polo shirts are the norm – in recent times we have even had bankers in the City casting off their pinstripes in favour of a more casual look – but recent reports seem to suggest that that particular mini revolution is over.

Could wearing a suit harm your career” the title of a recent BBC news item includes some interesting quotes on the subject of dressing for business –

“standard corporate wear – which masks any hint of individuality – is a problem,”

“Beyond the world of Instagram-obsessed celebrities and super-models, surely it should be the work that you do, not the way that you look, which drives your success?” – we at Timber Composite Doors like this one

“a man in an off-the-shelf suit is judged as less successful and less flexible than his counterpart who wears a tailor-made suit, for example.”

“ultimately people remember how you look, not what you say.”

“wearing the right clothes for a meeting increases confidence.”

“If you’re wearing clothes where you’re confident in them and you’re enjoying them, then that will reflect in the way you treat everyone around you,”

Of course all of these quotes come from members of the world of fashion so one could say that they had a vested interest in attempting to get people to buy their product.

Here at the GFD Group HQ home of we think we pretty much are typical of the current trends in office dress wear – as our business is “on line sales” we rarely interface with the customer directly so the standard attire in the office is smart casual but when it comes to any high powered business meetings we are right up there with the best of them -scrubbed and cleaned up suited and booted we look as can look as Sharp as a new tack.

As we rarely personally interface with the public here at Timber Composite Doors we make sure that the face which the public does see is as stunning and informative as it can be – you only have to visit our web site once and you will be able to see the care that we have taken to both display our product and provide all the relevant information that our customers could ever need.

Stunning doors, sympathetic colours, stylish accessories, sensational glazing all backed by all of the technical stuff you would ever need to know and if that was not sufficient our sales and after care , financial assistance and installation services give us the final gloss.

We may not be suited and booted as we wander around the GFD HQ but our web site certainly is and with doors as stunning as these at really competitive prices –


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.24.44


Photographs of actual installations carried out by Timber Composite Doors all as featured on our Gallery Page

  • we take the attitude “if you have got it flaunt it” and the doors you will find on our web site have all the well-dressed “star” quality you could ever need to enhance your property.
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