There is no substitute for style


There is no substitute for style

A certain Mr F Sinatra accompanied by Messrs D Martin and Mr B Crosby pretty much summed it up an awful lot of years ago with their song called “Style”- and the key phrase –

“you either have or you have not got style

If you’ve got it stands out a mile”

Although the song in question was referring to an individual the sentiment of the above lines equally applies to so many aspects of daily life where class and style simply shine through and few could be more obvious than in your choice of front door. Your front door is your greeting card to the world- so for most of us it has to be warm and welcoming and it oozes class and style – all the better.

Where do you start, with so many options and choices available when it comes to designing your new it can sometimes be understandably difficult to achieve a look you’ll be delighted with – but a good starting point is to look at the architecture of your building and matching it with a door style know the style that best suits your property – Victorian Edwardian, Contemporary, Country Cottage etc.

Trying to define your property by architectural style can in itself be difficult as although in architectural terms –

Solidor Harlech Timber Composite Door
Solidor Harlech Timber Composite Door

Victorian can be described with the following features –

— Large, jutting bay windows.

— Asymmetrical design

— Grey slate roofs.

— Brick or stone construction.
— Ornate panelled doors.
— Often decorative glazing styles.


Frequently with a door such as –


and Edwardian as –

— Prominent chimney sitting on the    slope of the roof

— Steep, ceramic roofs for extra loft space.

— Bay windows and porches were common.

— High ceilings and thinner construction.

— Doors combined different glazing sizes.


Frequently with a door such as –

We could go on and describe the architectural features of numerous styles of property in fact we have done so in previous articles but the big problem that we find is that using the two above examples -neither description of the architectural style says very much about door styles and over generations the lines have blurred and it is not uncommon to find the same style of door being described as Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian by different manufacturers – which is why the Timber Composite Door designer has taken the next radical and yet logical yet step to make it easy for our customers as we state our objective in big bold wording on the home page of our web site –



We no longer try to categorise the doors by Architectural era we use four simple definitions for our doors and group them under these terms on our door designer

Traditional and Cottage doors where you will find 32 styles of doors that can fall into this general category

Contemporary and Italia Collection where you will find 24 styles of doors that are just about as modern in styling as you could wish for

Stable Doors – not everyone of our door styles can be converted to a stable door but here are 24 that can

French Doors – because virtually all of our doors are available as Trench Doors that’s a whopping 56 styles at the last count

We said we were making it easy but with a possible 136 variations of door alone before we consider the choice of 20 External colours and remember the same 20 colours are available for the interior of the door and then we have a huge range of glazing and hardware accessories –

we are pretty sure that all of our customers can design doors that are the ultimate in personalised style to suit their property and we here at Timber Composite Door can state with certainty that anyone who installs any one of our front doors will definitely have style –

because it will stand out a mile.






Frank-Sinatra - Style - Timber Composite Doors
Frank-Sinatra – Style – Timber Composite Doors
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