Solidor Palermo – say no more – The "Godfather" of Composite Doors




Its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean has resulted in a long and troubled history having been invaded many times by among others the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Saracen Arabs, the Normans, the Swabians, the French and the Spanish Bourbons, and the list goes on and with each invasion something different has been added to the overall culture of the city. It is this rich and varied history that has resulted in the vast range of architectural styles, and unique local dishes and place names which are obviously not of Italian origin.

The city is undergoing a period of transition redefining itself as a commercial hub at the centre of the Mediterranean whilst retaining the often faded grandeur of many of Palermo’s wonderful palaces churches and markets that have for so long been the lifeblood of the city.

The recent history of Palermo and the reason for which most of us are familiar with the name is somewhat different, as it is the legendary home of the Sicilain Mafia the “Cosa Nostra”  – the exploits of whom have been the source for some excellent movies most notably “The Godfather” series and virtually every other gangster movie made since the thirties, unfortunately the violence viciousness portrayed in many of these movies had its origins in reality rather than any cinematographically  manufactured screenplay.

Palermo – a city where in recent historical times it was better to keep your own council; speak only in quiet tones- and then only behind closed doors, a theme from which the Palermo Solidor Italia Collection has taken as its lead for its Palermo door. A solid and uncompromising door with an embedded feature panel which when presented in darker shades lends an air of mystery to “what or whom may lie beyond”, add a simple rectangular stainless steel door knocker and either a curved or straight handle and the character of the door instantly changes from sombre to welcoming.

At Timber Composite Door we love the mystery that surrounds this door style it’s extremely popular with our customers who live in apartment buildings where we have installed quite a number and to the best of our knowledge none of whom are yet “sleeping with the fishes”

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