Solidor Monza Timber Composite Door



The name itself conjures up the image think Monza think excitement the home of the Italian Grand Prix has staged some of the very best of motor racing and some of the worst.

Situated  in the Lombardy  region about 15 kilometres (9 miles) north-northeast of Milan – Monza as with all Italian cities is steeped in history and culture it has its own individual cuisine a favourite among which is . cassoeula. It is the capital of the Province of Monza but there is no doubting that for which it is best known and which overshadows everything else about the city – motor racing.The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the home of motor racing in Italy.

Monza just oozes excitement!

At Timber Composite Door we also find the Monza exciting but we are talking doors not cars and the classic single vertical panel door may not at first appearance sound very exciting, but, if all racing cars were simply painted a dull shade of grey how exciting would they be – it’s the livery and the way they are turned out to the world that creates the excitement and the Monza door is no different. The Solidor Monza Timber Composite Doors

With the Italia range of eighteen exciting colours and a multitude of glazing and hardware accessories you can design your new Monza door to be as exciting or as subdued as you are wish –doors do not come much more racy and exciting in styling than the Monza in passionate red complete with Bistrita pattern glass and ES3 1800mm handle. Or if you prefer the same door with a more conservative styling try the same Monza door in the ever popular black and gold. Both doors look absolutely stunning.

With so many options – so why not make the most of our door designer – do not be guided by our choices the Monza is so adaptable it will always look good – go ahead design the Monza that matches your personality.

monza3 monza2

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