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You’re driving along in the car or at home listening to the radio and a song comes on and just hits that chord and you just have to sing along – but the words you sing are not the original you find yourself making your own up. It happened the other day we had been discussing how to promote the company in Northern Ireland the mind was preoccupied when the beautiful Bing Crosby version of Galway Bay  came on the radio – yes you guessed it the words just came tumbling forth not Bings’ words but words that just seemed to fit both with the tune and the sentiment of promoting the company across the Irish Sea.

With apologies to Arthur Colahan (the writer) Bing Crosby and all the millions of people who have sang or listened to this lovely song –


here’s the version that “tumbled forth”  as lyrics to the tune of Galway bay


If you’re ever on the internet in Ireland

And you’re looking for a new door for your home

Waste no more time with all your searching

With this site, you’ll have no more need to roam.


Timber Composite Doors, the name we’re recommending

A site packed with all the good things you’ may need

Doors, glass and accessories that will amaze you

And delivery to your home at great speed


But that’s not all that we have to offer

For we can install your new door too

A click or a call is all that’s needed

To arrange, just what we can do for you


For these doors that come across the sea to Ireland,

Will be the very best that you can find

And once you take the time to place your order

We guarantee that you will have your peace of mind


Timber Composite Doors will do everything that they can

To insure that your installation goes without a flaw

For we only want our customers to be happy

When they choose a door from Timber Composite Door.


At Timber Composite Door we have the answer to everyone’s needs with a door to suit every taste no matter how discerning or demanding the customer may be. Yes, . No, we do not simply pick up a local telephone directory to find an installer; all of our installations are carried out by the same company, a company who have a national network of depots and installers with whom we have successfully carried out business for over five years and jointly we have installed over 3000 doors throughout the UK –An installation service that includes all of the following-

Dimension checking – customers do not have to worry about errors in dimensions, within 48 hrs of receipt of your order a member of our survey team will contact you visit and verify all dimensions and check out and any other technical issues which may concern you. Only after we know your sizes are correct do we instruct the manufacture of your door
Multiple on site checking  – when our installers turn up on your door step they check and double check all sizes parts etc and no strip out of your existing door takes place without this check.
Installers that care – all of our installers have clear instructions to treat our customer’s property with the respect; we know how upsetting it can be to have tradesmen in your home which is why we want to carry out your installation as quickly and efficiently as we can.
Return visits not an issue  – As all of our installations are guaranteed for five years if you should have a problem during this period we will come back and rectify it, provided it is not as a result of wilful damage.
Peace of mind – DGCOS cover as standard on all our installations, check out the benefits on the web site, but basically if something goes wrong you the customer have an independent body to mediate for any problems that may occur.
Testimonials – not part of your installation but we would recommend that you read the independent TRUST PILOT testimonials that appear on our group web sites. GFD have no control over these testimonials they are independently sourced by Trust Pilot directly from our customers so what you see is a true appraisal of our performance take a look for yourself simply follow the link above.

So now you know we can install doors but which doors do we actually install –take a look at the gallery page on our web site to see dozens of doors which we have successfully installed. Timber Composite Door supply Solidor doors which come in a range of 10 standard styles and twenty nine of the superb Italia range, all of which are available in a choice of seventeen colours and all of which have an even wider range of compatible glazing and accessories, door handles, letter plates etc.



Next you’re ever on the internet in Ireland

Looking for a new door for your home

Waste no more time with all your searching

Just give Timber Composite doors a phone.


Or simply visit the web site


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