Solidor Bologna Composite Doors – by Timber Composite Doors


 But, is this actually the case, this door takes its name as do all the Italia collection from the Italian door city/town of the same name, Bologna, not the first name that springs to mind when the traveller thinks of Italy, maybe they should think again.

The door like the city is no second rate citizen, the city of Bologna has a lot more to about it than first impressions would suggest, a centre of Commerce and culture with inspirational architecture particularly the porticos and towers of Bologna, the “Due Torri” (Asinelli and Garisenda), whose iconic leaning forms provide a popular symbol of the town are at least the equal of Pisa’s leaning tower.


This is a city that is at the heart of so much, the hub of the road and rail networks (the fifth busiest station in Italy) and roads play a major part in the history and development of this city for it is the home of three of the greatest names in motor sport Maserati  Lamborghini and Ducati this is no sleepy backwater of a city it has real power

There is one produce of Bologna that has gone around the world as it is the birthplace of the original “Spag Bog” in any one of its many and various forms they all began life as the ragu’ alla Bolognese – which when taken with the local Sangiovese wine  forms the basis of an excellent meal.

 Far from being a sleepy city Bologna is powerful and understated city and such is also the case with the Bologna door match your frame colour to the door, go for the grained exterior, add some striking obscure glazing and choose your handles carefully, straight, curved or angled, with every little change you make you change the character of your door. Suddenly a door that at first glance seemed “solid and functional “takes on a new aura of powerful and understated this is a door that is the perfect “blank canvass” to allow you to express your individual personality.

At Timber Composite Doors we like a bit of “Spag Bog” and a glass of Sangiovese but we LOVE the Bologna door so if you love it as much as we do give us a call and when we come to install it for you we might just surprise you with a bottle of wine to launch it as the new door to your home.





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