So this is why we do not sell doors in Cuba


So this is why we do not sell doors in Cuba

The cars are a giveaway – CUBA one of the few places in the world that prides itself on the number of old rather than new cars on its streets – it’s a strange place to visit ( not the all inclusive – the heartland of the country or even Havana) – beautiful beaches – supermarkets with empty shelves – cigars and rum in abundance and memories of Hemingway. In many ways living their lives as if they were still in the 1950’s
As a business we at GFD HQ where we are dependent upon the internet – love it or hate it it is a major influence upon all of our lives – we would struggle to survive because less than 5% of Cuban homes have access, whereas in the UK we are reaching the stage where it is becoming increasingly hard to find a home without internet access.
A recent BBC article shows that where there is a will there is a way and Cubans have used their ingenuity to create a service known as “El Paquete Semanal” to create alternative internet deliveries the system is relatively straightforward and a very effective substitute for the real thing – someone downloads the data onto a suitable recording medium – approximately a terabyte of data bringing together the latest music, Hollywood movies, TV series, mobile phone apps, magazines and even a classified advertisements section all of which is delivered to the doors of subscribers through a network of distributors similar to that which we would class as paper boys. All may not be lost in Cuba for companies such as GFD trading Group your home of -Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and Global Sash windows because “El Paquette” apparently is now including downloads of sites similar to ourselves who advertise and trade solely by using the power of the internet.
Using that very same power of the internet we introduced the phrase “Cuban doors” into the browser on the office computer and came up with images such as those below – very bright and very colourful but also very old as the doors on a lot of Havana city properties actually are –


Maybe the time is now right for Timber Composite Doors to launch itself into Cuba with our range of Solidor doors including the excellent Italia Collection what Cuban property would not benefit from a door such as the superb Sienna or the excellent Sorrento and just to prove we can be as colourful as the Cubans here is one in Rich Aubergine and the other in deep red either of which certainly would not look out of place on any Havana street


Sienna in Rich Aubergine


Sorrento in Red
At GFQ HQ we are now just off to check to see if our marketing budget will stretch to placing an ad in “El Paquete” but for those of you in the UK who may be interested in purchasing one of our excellent front doors the normal rules apply simply visit anyone of the following and make your choice -Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, or Composite Door Prices

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