Sepp Blatter : Innocent or Guilty he had to go!


Innocent or Guilty he had to go

All the team here at GFD HQ love their football and we are pretty unanimous in the belief that the departure of a certain Mr Sepp Blatter will be for the overall good of the beautiful game. Whether he is innocent as he claims or guilty as tens of thousands seem to claim it would seem the noose is tightening if this Guardian article is correct – see – Mr Blatter is now apparently the focus of a US Federal Investigation into corruption.

At GFD we are happy to leave it to others to decide the rights and wrongs of the FIFA enquiries but the whole issue of deceptive images got us to thinking about how much the image of our doors can change dependent upon the choice of colours and accessories. Back in June last year we posted an article about our Palermo Door – one of the superb range of Italia Collection doors from Solidor as supplied by our Timber Composite Doors which featured a paragraph that read –


“Palermo – a city where in recent historical times it was better to keep your own council; speak only in quiet tones- and then only behind closed doors, a theme from which the Solidor Italia Range has taken as its lead for its Palermo door. A solid and uncompromising door with an embedded feature panel which when presented in darker shades lends an air of mystery to “what or whom may lie beyond”, add a simple rectangular stainless steel door knocker and either a curved or straight handle and the character of the door instantly changes from sombre to welcoming”


A paragraph in which we were trying to describe how appearances can change – take a look at the two images of the Palermo Door and you decide if we got it about right –


Dark and sombre : whats behind the closed door?


Bright and with a welcome awaiting inside


Mr Blatters fate will be decided by his peers but when it comes to selecting a door from Timber Composite Doors the decisions are all yours – sombre or welcoming – you decide and we will provide.


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