Is £8 Billion Enough?


Will eight billion pounds be enough?

Now that the elections are over and the dust has settled and the decision is known there is still one major question outstanding – a question that was repeated numerous times throughout the election campaign and will no doubt be aired for weeks if not years to come.

The NHS needs eight billion pounds of extra funding – every party promised it but where will it come?

Here at GFD HQ having just reviewed the attached BBC news article have a further question –

Will eight billion pounds be enough? If this article is only partially correct a figure of this magnitude could be a drop in the ocean of what could be required as Doctors could be prescribing everything from Occupational Therapy solutions to Home improvements – one particular paragraph caught our attention here at GFD HQ –

“Last year in Sunderland, doctors began offering help with insulation, double-glazing and boilers and started seeing some falls in demand.”

This statement creates a complete new forum for debate and raises questions such as what credentials have Doctors to advise on areas which are clearly outside of the remit of their work experience and the reverse of this question do all of us who work in the home improvement market now have to seek some form of medical qualification to understand our medical practitioners requirements.

Yes we know that the last statement is a pretty ridiculous comparison but with the power of the internet anyone can be a virtual expert in anything if they are prepared to spend the time and do the research.

At GFD we would welcome the assistance of your local GP in promoting our products because we know that our doors and windows are second to none in both quality and installation service and we give the sort of guarantees – ten years for product and five years for installation that any Doctor would be pleased to prescribe. Take for instance our Timber Composite Door web site where we promote the Solidor Standard and superb Italia Collection ranges – twenty nine styles of door – eighteen colour options and a multitude of glazing and accessory options and all of these doors have excellent Thermal ratings. Timber Composite Doors are extremely proud of the service we supply – our customers seem to approve if we take their independent comments on Trust Pilot at face value.

Back to the original question – will eight billion be enough? Not if the future of the NHS takes this rout.

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