Remote Locking coming to Solidor Timber Composite Doors



Cars have had it for years and now it’s available for your own front door. We have all done it walked away from our car and casually clicked a remote as we set off down the street secure in the knowledge that the remote was doing its job and our car is securely locked. Leaving the house has traditionally been a different affair a bunch of keys being required to accompany us everywhere – but those days are about to change as a Solidor /Winkhaus collaboration is re writing the rules. Last year saw the introduction of the Winkhaus AV2 Heritage Door Lock, a locking system which  satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking. This year they have gone one step further with the introduction of the revolutionary blueMatic AV2-B battery operated automatic multi-point locking system a remote control device, similar to most motor vehicles, with the locking mechanism engaging automatically and immediately upon closure of the respective front or back door for instant security.

A system based by AA batteries, which will under normal operating conditions last for up to two years, which operate a remote control key fob which is functional up to a range of 30 metres away from the door. The system has a remarkable possible 18.4 billion, billion rolling codes with the code scrambling each time the lock is utilised for added security.

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The blueMatic AV2-B also complies with the forthcoming EN15685 European Standard for multi-point locks, including annex EN14846 electronic access devices and has been tested in doorsets to PAS23/24 durability and security standards.

The keyless society is fast approaching and if you want to be part of this revolution give us a call at Timber Composite Door and we will ensure that your next front door has the blueMatic AV2-B fitted as standard.

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