Records are there to be broken


First you set the standard, then you reset that standard! Then you just keep on trying to

improve upon the best and the same principle applies in every walk of life.

Without the Wright Brothers in 1903 where would jet powered flight be today, would Sir

Frank Whittle have followed up the concept to produce the first patented jet engine in

1930? And would we have gone on to experience the space travel we take for granted



Sport, particularly athletics is the classic example of what the human body can achieve

pre-Roger Bannister in 1954 no one thought it was possible to run a mile in under 4 minutes

and yet that world record held by Hicham El Guerrouj currently stands at a time of 3:43. 13

Carl Lewis did the same in 1983 when he became the first athlete to break the 10 second

barrier for a low altitude electronically timed 100m (a number of athletes notably Jim Hines

had previously broken the 10 second mark at altitude)


Some records are harder to break than others in 1968 Bob Beamon smashed the then World and

Olympic world records by jumping 8.90 m (29 ft. ​ 2 ½ in.), bettering the existing record

by 55 cm (​21 23 in.) a World record which stood for 23 years until Mike Powell

jumped 8.95m (29ft 4 ½ in) in 1991 and amazingly Bob Beamon’s Olympic record still

stands some 50 years on.


In the world of home security, a lock named the Ultion was launched in 2016 this was a lock

so radically different from its predecessors that it took the market by storm, it simply

redefined the rules in respect of what should be required from a domestic lock and from

the moment of its launch the competition became” also rans”


The Ultion lock was a revelation to the industry surpassing all previous standards in being

The first to achieve the industry standard Sold Secure Diamond standard.

The conventions of what was possible had been rewritten!


At the GFD Group where we always place our customers safety as one of our key objectives

we were quick to adopt Ultion as the preferred lock for all Timber Composite / Global Doors

as offered the highest security of any euro cylinder lock in the UK! Ultion Locks have been

standard in all our doors for the past two years. Yes! they cost a little

more but they are guaranteed to perform and we see no point in saving pennies when

our customers security is at risk.


Ultion became the standard by which all other locks would be judged!

In 2019 Ultion (just like a typical world record holder) not content with being the best,

decided to raise the bar again with the introduction of ULTION WXM a lock that achieves

security levels never before seen in the UK market


More security

More robustness

More performance


As an example of how robust this lock is – the industry standard TS007 Sold Secure Diamond

standard requires the lock to be tested to perform 100,000 cycles of locking and unlocking!


The Ultion WXM far exceeds this and has been tested to 500,000 cycles

At GFD Group we take your security extremely seriously, that’s why every Timber Composite / Global Door comes fitted with the new Ultion WXM cylinder as standard

and our Eurosecure website offers the Ultion WXM lock as a replacement option to purchase to replace their inferior locks.





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