Now that the we have turned back time


Now that the we have turned back time –

Doors and windows closed tight- curtains drawn – central heating burning up your hard earned cash – TV providing some entertainment – a typical home on a typical evening any where in the UK during the long months of winter.

There is one thing related to your home that is notably different at this time of year – its pretty obvious but most of us just ignore it and continue to take life for granted – so whats noticably different – easy really THE RISK – would be burglars love the dark and with an average eleven to twelve hours a day of dusk to dawn for the next few months the opportunities that we collectively open up to them are endless.

A recent article – “Households at risk of surge in burglaries after clocks go back” in the Lancashire Telegraph summed up the risks and just how casually we the general public take those risks – take for instance the base statistics –

“Last year the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) reported that there were an estimated 785,000 incidents of domestic burglary in the UK and most were on vulnerable and compromised properties.

Recent surveys suggest 54% of UK adults do not have security systems or burglar alarms installed in their homes 74 %of burglar alarms, already installed, do not contact the police.

  • only 11 per cent believe that their household and possessions are safe and protected against burglar
  • 31% of us have accidently left their windows open
  • 20 per cent have left their doors unlocked.
  • only 23 per cent use a light timer when they go out of the house for long periods,
  • only 18 per cent have movement sensors installed and
  • only 9 per cent have security cameras in their home.”

And all of this is before we consider those who might as well leave their doors open because they are prepared to tell the world their every movement using social media – unsurprisingly the more professional burglars can easily link individual properties in their area with the homeowner’s social media accounts and if you tell them you’re out – they may very well be in.

Here at Timber Composite Door we may not have the answer to all of your potential burglary risks, but when it comes to your front door we can provide you with one of the most difficult of front doors for any burglar to crack. We could write reams of information here for you to digest but its far easier simply to direct you to the “What makes a Solidor Timber Composite Door” page of our web site – and let the text and videos that have already convinced thousands of our happy customers in exactly the same manner.

These are doors that meet with the highest of current security standards – check out the video of the would-be burglar using every tool in the box and he still cannot get through the “solid timber core” and when fitted with the Ultion lock (the lock currently considered the safest household lock available) you can see why we are so confident our doors security features.

Have we sacrificed style for security – no we have not – thirty-six door styles – eighteen colours working out to some 10,500 combinations when you add-in our three stunning ranges of accessories the best place to start looking for your new front door the already noted web page – “What makes a Solidor Timber Composite Door”

When you visit this web page do not leave it there check out the rest of the site – its crammed with useful information – full specifications, our excellent financial assistance packages, our superb installation packages and all about the guarantees we give you and the security measures we take on your behalf to make sure your deposit is safe and that you have someone other than ourselves to call upon in the very very rare occasions when things go wrong. One look at our TRUST PILOT reviews will show you what we mean.

When we said we could not answer all of your security problems here at Timber Composite Doors – that was not strictly correct because we have a sister company Eurosecure which specialises in household security measures – if a new door is out of your current financial budget you can find the “Ultion” lock and many more security measures on this site – we cannot guarantee you will find everything to keep them out but we can guarantee we have the accessories that will make the burglars life a lot more difficult.





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