Not enough hours in the day!


Not enough hours in your day??

If 24 hours is not enough to get everything you need to do done in the average day maybe a move to Pluto is the way forward for you – one of the interesting facts that was already known about Pluto is that the average day length on the planet is the equivalent of 153.5 earth hours and that should be sufficient hours in the day for anyone. We have to admit here in the GFD HQ it gives us food for thought – how long would you sleep – how many meals would you eat in a day – and what kind of television scheduling will they have. Of course none of these questions is relevant to the Nasa New Horizons expeditionary craft as it flies past Pluto it has far more important tasks to perform see for the latest up dates. The New Horizon space probe was launched on 19th January 2006 so it has taken almost ten years to reach its destination. One of the earliest discoveries of New Horizon was to finally confirm the actual size of the planet a point which has been debated since its discovery in 1930 using hi tech photographic imagery measurement with the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) scientists have now determined the size as 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometres) in diameter, somewhat larger than many prior estimates, to find out about this and all of the live information on the probe and the other tasks New Horizon will undertake the definitive web site is Nasa’s own at –

As it bypasses the planet the New Horizon will pass between Pluto and its nearest moon Charon at a height of some 12,500 kilometres and at a speed of 14Km/second

At GFD HQ we wish the New Horizon space probe and all those associated with it every success with this incredible mission and we would also wish to reassure all of our customers that for the foreseeable future all of the companies in the GFD Group –

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