Fresh Beginnings, Fresh Colours: Solidor Introduces Pottery Blue, Pebble Grey and Granite Grey


Every detail contributes to the unique personality of your home, turning it into a canvas where every element is a brushstroke. From the curb to the cosy corners, the small details leave a lasting impact.

One often overlooked but crucial element is the colour of your front door. It acts as the initial greeting to your visitors and sets the tone for your entire home.

We are thrilled to announce that Solidor has introduced three captivating new colours to their door collection.

Curious about these colours? Read on, and we’ll also explain why selecting the right door colour is paramount.

If you’re in the market for a new entrance door, keep in mind that most of our composite doors come with an impressive 10-year guarantee, offering peace of mind post-purchase.

Solidor’s newest colours

Say goodbye to traditional door colours; it’s time to embrace the beauty of Pottery Blue, Pebble Grey and Granite Grey.

Pottery Blue – timeless elegance

The Solidor Edinburgh 2 a really popular door design and is also available as a solid door too!

Embrace the rich heritage of British pottery with Pottery Blue, inspired by the iconic Wedgwood Blue. Reflecting the sophistication of Wedgwood, this soft-grey blue adds a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

Pebble Grey – modern sophistication

Want a door that boasts luxury in every aspect? If so, our Solidor Genoa is the one for you.

For those who appreciate versatility and timelessness, Pebble Grey is the answer. This mid-taupe shade effortlessly complements various exteriors, making it an ideal choice for blending seamlessly with different interior designs.

Granite Grey – calm and subtle statement

Our Park Lane Bespoke glass design is quickly becoming the go-to option for many of our customers.

Seeking an eye-catching yet not overwhelming focal point? Enter Granite Grey – a softer alternative to Anthracite Grey. This versatile neutral grey blends harmoniously with various textures, colours, and decors, making a subtle yet impactful statement.

With these additions, Solidor’s range now offers a total of 27 colour options, ensuring a wide palette to align your door seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics. Our customisation options extend beyond colour – use our Solidor door designer to personalise the style, hardware, and glazing for a door that is truly unique both inside and out.

Why door colour matters

When choosing a new front door, the colour is a crucial decision. Here’s why:

1. First impressions matter

The front door is the initial focal point, creating a positive and memorable first impression.

2. Reflecting your style

The door colour is a canvas to express your unique taste, enhancing your overall design preferences.

3. Kerb appeal enhancement

The right colour adds charm, character, and visual interest, making your home stand out in the neighborhood.

4. Complementing architectural elements

Harmonising with your home’s architectural style creates a cohesive and balanced look.

5. Creating a welcoming atmosphere

Colours evoke emotions, and the right door colour contributes to a welcoming ambiance in your home.

6. Boosting resale value

A well-chosen door colour enhances market appeal, adding value and kerb appeal to your property.

7. Adapting to seasonal changes

The right colour can adapt to seasonal changes, refreshing your home’s look without major renovations.

Find your dream door with Timber Composite Doors today

When it comes to selecting the perfect colour for your home’s door, it goes beyond mere aesthetics. It serves as a great tool, granting you the chance to authentically showcase your style and elevate your home’s overall appeal.

Choosing from a diverse array of captivating colours makes crafting your ideal door a seamless process. Whether you lean towards timeless classics, subtle statements, or a dash of modern sophistication, we’d like to assure you that our varied palette caters precisely to your preferences.

Design your dream door with Timber Composite Doors today, using our easy-to-use door designer on our website.

We’re confident we have the right fit for your home.

If you need some help or have some questions, feel free to contact us at 01642 309571.

FAQs about Solidor’s 3 New Door Colors:

Are the new colours suitable for all types of homes?

Absolutely! These colors are designed to complement various home types and styles.

When are these colours available, and how do I choose one?

All new colours are available immediately. Use our Solidor door designer to explore options for your door, including frame, hardware, and colour.

Do these colours require special maintenance?

No, you’ll be pleased to hear that special maintenance is not needed. A simple wipe with warm water will keep your door looking pristine.

Are these colours for external use only?

No, they are versatile for both internal and external use, providing a consistent aesthetic throughout your living space.

Can I choose the installation option with these new colours?

Yes, our nationwide fitting service is available for these new colours.

What other colours are available?

Alongside these 3 new colors, our Solidor range offers 24 additional options, including Truffle Brown, Irish Oak, and Peacock Blue.

To start designing your dream door, head over to our website.

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