Italia Collection Turin Solidor Timber Composite Door




The home of numerous car manufacturer’s, Fiat , Lancia and Alfa Romeo, a hot bed of Italian soccer and home to two top Seria “A” teams, Juventus (topping the league at the time of writing) and Torino and also the home of one of the most talked about historical Artefacts of all time – The Shroud of Turin.

First observed in 1898, as a negative image on the reverse photographic plate of amateur photographer Secondo Pia, who had been taking photographs whilst the Shroud was being exhibited in the Turin Cathedral .The Shroud has been the subject of much debate as to whether or not it is the genuine article or whether it is a clever copy made after the lifetime of Christ, some suggest medieval times . The flow of the debate currently seems to be edging towards the Shroud being the genuine article if we are to believe the following two articles both from the Daily Mail lifetime-say-scientists.html

The shroud is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy.

The ability to date and / or reconfigure the images on the shroud advance daily with improvements in technology and here in the Timber Composite Door office we rather liked this progressive 3D image which as the image of Jesus Christ starting off as a moustached Prince William and developing through a Billy Connelly look alike before becoming the image we normally associate with historical references to Jesus.

Although there may be much controversy as to the origin of the shroud, no such mystery exists around another object which carries the name of Turin. The Turin is the name given to one of the doors of the Solidor Italia Collection which can be supplied and installed for you by Timber Composite Door. The image of the city of Turin is that of is one of solidity and dependability long established, built upon solid foundations of commerce and engineering.

Solid and dependable are two words which also describe the Turin door, it is not as eye-catching as some of the others in the collection but it is a door that will not let you down, symmetrically styled with a single long vertical rectangular panel it is a door that suits the softer pastel shades of Cream or Chartwell Green. Solid and dependable this door may be buy there are also a large number of options both in glazing patterns and accessories that are compatible with this door and they come in contemporary and traditional styles to allow you to give your door its own personal stamp. The Italia Collection Solidor Turin Composite Door, the glazing and accessories are all available from Timber Composite Door and they are all beautifully photographed and displayed on our web site.

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