Italia Collection Perugia Solidor Timber Composite Doors



Perugia is located as close to the centre of Italy as it is possible to be 102 miles north of Rome and 92 miles south of Florence. As with most Italian cities Perugia has a rich history, wonderful architecture and a strong classical culture, unfortunately in recent years, from 2007 in fact it has become infamous for an event over which it had no control – the Perugia murder as it has become made the global press and although a judgement has been reached the case simply does not go away.

There is however another export of Perugia that no one ever wants to go away in the world of confectionary it is Legendary and the clue is –

The discover Italia web page for Perugia describes them on their “what to taste “ page as

“Italy’s version of the chocolate kiss is much more decadent than those found in America for instance: Baci Perugina, chocolate and hazelnut truffles in their famous silver and blue wrapping, with a romantic message tucked inside, were invented here”

If you have never tried them you do not know what you are missing they are simply one of the best chocolates you will ever taste (in the writers opinion) what’s more their web sites, particularly their one aimed at the New York Wine and Food Festival take a look for yourself at – at Timber Composite Door we do not mind praising other web sites when they are as good as this – if you are anything like us you will be straight on the web looking for UK outlets for this superb chocolate. Is there a lady on the planet who would not appreciate these chocolates wrapped in their wonderful love notes?

Sorry got a bit carried away – they are that good and we are all old fashioned romantics here at Timber Composite Door – but there is also another product that carries the name Perugia that we think is pretty impressive – The Solidor Perugla – part of the Italia Collection. This is a classic style with a large central glazed panel which will grace any home and if you were to choose it in the colour scheme we have mocked up here – Blue Door – infinity glazing and chrome fittings – blue and silver just like that other tasty sweet it will remind you of something nice every time you come home.

If you would like this tasty treat of a door installed at your home just give us a call and leave that hard work to us – and yes if you choose the Perugia in blue with infinity glazing and chrome fittings we will source and send you some chocolates with your installation – but only if it’s a blue door and only if you remind us.


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