Front Door Colours by Timber Composite Doors


Front door colours

The times as a certain Mr Bob Dylan used to sing are a changing and never has that been more so than in the field of front door colours. In the beginning there was natural wood –which when correctly prepared and preserved has few equals, then as our ancestors discovered dyes and pigments and eventually oil based paints we had in the main dark colours Blacks and Dark Greens as much loved in the Georgian era for those who wish to know more about the Doors of the Monarchs our sister site Global Doors contains a number of articles about the various periods Georgian, Regency, Edwardian and Victorian.

The times certainly have changed and to see how much they have changed all you need to do is check out the range of colours that Timber Composite Door provide as standard for the Solidor doors which they supply. The Georgians would be so envious.

We are talking a serious range of colours not just the odd pastel shade thrown in with the primary colours – there are seventeen of them in all and some of them are very different from the standard colours you would expect to see –

Take for instance –

Chartwell Green Pisa Solidor Timber Composite Door
Oak Milano Solidor Italia Collection Timber Composite Door
Conway Solidor Composite Door by Timber Composite Doors in Auber
Aubergine Solidor Conway Timber Composite Door
Black Solidor Naples Timber Composite Door








And if you want the best place to see how these colours – all seventeen – of them work with any one of the twenty nine styles that are available, simply Look for the “Design a door on Line” Icon, it’s on virtually every page on the web site – click your door style, your frame type, door style and then start having fun change the colour as many times as you like until you see what you want – if you cannot agree go back to the beginning and start all over again.

Yes the “Times they are changing”Timber Composite Doors do not do“Video games” – YET maybe next year – but if it is a new front door you’re after we reckon that you will find playing with our door designer more exciting than the average game. You only have to win once let us know your perfect door choice and we will do the rest and you will have the new front door of your dreams.

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