Forecast is bad so it has to be Glastonbury weekend


Forecast is bad so it has to be Glastonbury weekend. Those who will be attending can probably look forward to the traditional mud fest.

Yet again it looks like another impressive line up – to see who is performing where see there is the normal great mix of old and new from rock to folk and no doubt each and every one of the acts will either be playing their classic hits (because that’s what we all like to hear) or maybe the tracks from their latest album because that’s what they want us to hear, all a little predictable and it got us thinking – maybe because someone heard Chris Evans say something similar on his morning programme.

What if every act had to select and cover one hit track from anyone of their fellow performers or to make it more impressive what if we the public did the voting it could certainly throw up some interesting images. Take for instance two of the headliners Dolly Parton and Metallica – Dolly famous for her wining melodic brand of folk rock on hits such as “I will always love you”  and Metallica famous for classic rock such as “Enter Sandman” how would it sound if – Dolly did “enter sandman” and Metallica did “I will always love you”

The possibilities are endless – what about Clannad “Theme from Harry’s Game” a beautiful song if ever there was one and say the rousing “Ruby Ruby Ruby” from the Kaiser Chiefs or maybe that should be Clannad do “Ruby Ruby Ruby” and the Kaiser Chiefs do “Theme from Harry’s Game”

By now you should be getting our drift why not try it for yourself and post  your best options to us at Timber Composite Doors on facebook at 

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