Fitting Something New – National Transplant Week



Considering a new front door well if you are reading this on the Timber Composite Door web site you are in the right place – superb doors – excellent fitting service and our friendly staff are just a phone call away to help resolve all of your problems and take away all of the pain and frustration you could experience in fitting a new front door. All in all a pretty simple straightforward exercise when considered to all of the other tragedies that can befall even the most normal of human lives.

What if instead of a new front door the “something new” you needed was a new body part – we all try to avoid the nasty things in life but accidents as they say happen and some accidents have very unfortunate consequences resulting to injuries to individuals that cannot be mended quite as easily as having your friendly internet door supplier lend a helping hand. It’s not just accidents that have consequences illness can often result in the same consequence of needing a new for old body part to sustain the individual.

At Timber Composite Door we recognise that our service is good but it is of little consequence when put into a whole life perspective and compare ourselves to the work of the Medical profession – they give life and hope to so many individuals – we simply are instrumental in helping people replace a few doors.

When tragedy occurs in your own life it is probably the first time that you will experience the “nothing else matters please make it right for ………..”  feeling – unfortunately some of us at Timber Composite Door have been closer than we would have liked to this unfortunate experience, which is why we give our whole hearted support to National Transport Week, it is the work of these dedicated professionals that gives hope to so many at times of deepest despair.

What is it and when does it start – it’s a scheme to make everyone aware of what they can do to help those less fortunate than themselves it runs from 7th -13th July and the two important web sites you must visit are – the statistics are scary –

20,000,000people are already on the Organ Donation Register

On average3 people die a day in need of an organ

One organ donor can help as many as 9 people!


-or  to directly quote the national awareness web site

“Only 31% of us in the UK have joined the organ donor register – yet more than 10,000 of us need a transplant.  So who’s giving them?

The answer is not enough people.  The serious lack of donations mean 1000 per year are dying needlessly.   So the purpose of the week is to draw awareness to the problem and make a change.

Kidney transplants are most common, as well as hearts, livers and other organs.  Donated corneas also give people a new way of looking at the world!

So how does it work?  Donors are matched according to blood and tissue type.   People from the same ethnic group are likely to be a closer match – although people from different ethnic groups usually match just as well.When you register and get your donor card you can choose which organs you want to donate – but not who they’re donated to.

The long-term organ transplant benefits are invaluable.   Not only does it give someone a second chance, transplants are less expensive than having to keep paying for medication that would ultimately only be a temporary solution.”

If we at Timber Composite Door can give our support and remember it is not only about becoming an organ donor there are lots of fund raising and supplemental activities in which you can support – so can you and next week –

Will be a very good time show exactly how much you care for the wellbeing of your fellow human beings.

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