DIY Composite Doors -In store, or online where will I find the best value for money



DIY composite doors –In store, or online where will I find the best value for money.
Buying a new front door it cannot be that difficult all you want to know is the answers to a simple check list.
Service including possible installation

Have you ever wondered how many times the following scenario occurred? We at Timber Composite Door have.

A pair of happy shoppers enter the megastore of one of the national retail outlets and search for the normally small aisle / section where the doors are kept , they have already checked out either a brochure, or, online and they want to experience the “touch and feel experience” before they purchase. Aisle located they search in vain for the door of their choice, before resorting to calling for the assistance of a Sales Person, but it is the wrong Sales Person, several “tannoy” calls later the correct Sales Person arrives. Our pair of happy shoppers are now somewhat frustrated, but they patiently explain their request only to be advised “we do not hold that design of door as a stock item, it’s on a three week delivery”. Unabashed our now unhappy customers continue, with questions about,

Price, which after a quick reference to the computer database that one can normally be answered by the Sales Person
Hardware, the Sales person loosely points to some far off region of the store.
Delivery, brings with it questions of where you live and “the sorry we only deliver to your area on the only day you are unavailable response”. And the charge for that will be £??
Guarantees, a response of “two years” from the Sales person only brings raised eye brows from our now desperately unhappy shoppers as they already know that one online retailer, offers a ten year product guarantee and a five year installation guarantee.
Installation, although they know a man who can do it for them they want to cover all of the options  – our suicidal happy shoppers are now in really dangerous territory as the Sales person offers the comment “we have a list of preferred installers but you would need to sort out dates etc  and we do not guarantee their installations”

OK it may not be quite like this if you are looking for a bespoke door such as one of our superb Solidor Composite Doors which are only stocked by approved stockists but some of the problems still remain – is there a stockist near you, will they have the door of your choice as a stock item – yes there is a better chance of seeing the door you would like but web site galleries of doors in real life installed situations take some beating if you want to see what they really look like.

Back to our intrepid shoppers –

Thoroughly disillusioned they trudge dejectedly out of the store no purchase made, but happy in the knowledge that they have an alternative way to purchase their desired door. From the comfort of their own home they start their armchair shop, computer on, internet engaged, favourites found, as they have checked these sites before, Timber Composite Door Site located.

Our happy again customers open up the web site revisit and check out their specification in the “door designer” select the style and colour and hardware of their choice and they already know the price because they have already requested and received by return a quotation for the door of their choice. They check out their remaining questions –

Delivery from online order is normally within 7 – 10 days at no cost to the purchaser.
Guarantees Timber Composite Door offer a ten year product guarantee
Installation – if required, it is carried out by a nationality known company at the customer’s convenience and it’s guaranteed for five years.
Service –Nothing says it better than customer recommendations and there is a section of the Web site dedicated to customer reviews under the heading TRUST PILOT. All the published reviews are independently canvassed by Trust Pilot and cannot be influenced by the door supplier. It’s hard to find a negative comment in the Timber Composite Door TRUST PILOT reviews.

Decision made, all the boxes are ticked our happy shoppers press the purchase button safe in the knowledge that their financial transaction via Sage Pay is secure.

Buying a new front door should not be difficult at Timber Composite  Door we provide ourselves upon the transparency of all of our business activities be it for the DIY or Supply and install markets, the price we quote for the online door that you design is the price that you pay. Which, if you are a DIY customer means we still offer you all of the options and  with ten standard door styles and twenty nine Italia door styles, seventeen wood grain colours, and a myriad of glass styles and accessory options all competitively priced. In our opinion and we are sure you will agree it’s somewhat better than the pre assembled no options door packages supplied by national retail chains.

See more Solidor Composite Doors in our fitted composite doors galleryWe do not deny that our service has a price our doors for the DIY market no matter how you the customer design them when they come from the Solidor range are never going to be the cheapest but we all know “quality costs” and our price includes delivery

Does price influence quality we at Timber Composite Doors believe it does and we would not wish to cast doubts over the doors supplied by national retail chains, we do not need to, we are confident in the quality of our doors   why, because, all of our doors are factory manufactured to stringent quality control standards and are tested and accredited to relevant standards, “Secured by Design” and “PAS 23 & 24” All of our doors meet with the current Thermal grading requirements for doors and we provide every door with a certificate to confirm its rating.

In Conclusion there may be cheaper  doors available to the DIY market but at Timber Composite Door we believe we offer the best service, door and full package value for money deal currently available.

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