Did you avoid the “beast from the East”


Did you avoid the “Beast from the East”


Did you avoid the “beast from the East” or did you open your front door one of these past mornings only to find that the snow had drifted across the opening leaving an external imprint such as this. There is something reassuring knowing that the imprint of your door in the snow is all that you sufferred and that your door was sufficiently strong and durable to resist this force of nature. Possibly even more reassuring, although it may not seem so at first inspection is that the snow piled up against your door rather than melting away – if it had simply melted away that would have been a sure sign that your door was thermally inefficient and that you were losing that precious hcostly heat from inside your home, both through your door and around your door.

We do not know whether the door in the photograph is a Timber Composite Solidor Composite door but it is certainly performing in the manner which we would expect our doors to perform – the solid hardwood core guarantees superb thermal efficiency and as all of our doors are manufactured as “door sets” (pre hung door and frame units precisely engineered in factory conditions where all of the draught proofing gasketry is installed as part of the assembly process) the quality of draught proofing is also guaranteed.

The loss of heat through any component of your home is termed the “U”-value if it’s cold outside and warm inside the “U”-value is the measurement of how quickly the heat from the inside leaks to the outside it is measured in W/m²K and indicates how much heat per unit of time that flows through an area of 1m² at a constant temperature difference of 1K (1°C) between warm and cold side of the structure. The lower the U value the better insulated the property, or in this instance the doors, The Building Regulations in England normally require a “U” value of 1.8 W/m²K (1.6 W/m²K in Scotland) for any new doors installed in domestic properties.

At Timber Composite Doors we do not give specific U values on our web site for each door and every door , because not only are there so many options but such factors as the amount of glass can significantly affect the value, however, all of our doors achieve a guaranteed U value of between 1.1-1.8, the majority being well within the required standard and when you take delivery you will receive an appropriate “Energy Certificate” such as those shown indicating the rating of the door.

If you require to know the rating before purchase our Sales team will be pleased to supply the information for the door of your choice.

This “beast form the east” may well be the final fling of this winter, but there will be more winters and more atrocious weather conditions – be prepared take a look at Timber Composite Doors and select your new composite door guaranteed to keep you warm inside and keep the elements outside.


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