Choose your numbers carefully it could impact your quality of life



Even if it is true it is still very odd

Here at GFD HQ we have to be honest and say that we thought a recent article in the daily Telegraph was a spoof – but was it? Or is it really just a further step in the “post Code” lottery that seems to cover everything we do in the UK these days, in recent days we have grown used to the constant references in all aspects of the “press” as to the importance of our “post code” whether it be for

  • Hospital treatment and operation and waiting times
  • Motor insurance or any other form of insurance quotation
  • The best schools in your area –
  • Etc
  • It all comes down to post code

The recent article in the Daily Telegraph suggested that when it comes to burglaries if you live in Leicestershire and your home has an odd rather than even street number you could have been really unlucky if you and you have had the misfortune to be a recent victim, because the Police reportedly have been refusing to attend burglaries in odd numbered homes


If there is actually any truth in this story and it is the shape of things to come then maybe it is time to think about a new front door. At GFD HQ we have been security conscious ever since the company was started which is why whether you are purchasing a door from our Timber Composite Door or Global Door web sites every door will meet the standards of PAS 23 &24 in respect of security and weather testing.

The current statistics suggest that up to 67% of break-ins occur through the front door which is one reason why Door lock technology is constantly improving so are our door locks with barrels, locks, keys and hardware constantly being upgraded to ensure the security of our customers particularly those who live in odd numbered homes.

If our standard range falls short of your security expectations all of our web sites offer Security Upgrades simply select the appropriate “drop down” tab and you will find further door and lock upgrades that can take your door to the highest security ratings “Secured by Design” – the standard approved by both the Police and Insurance Companies. On the Timber Composite Door Security Upgrade page you will find the option of high security cylinders, guards and handles all of which will ensure that any burglar is more likely to give up rather than force entry through your front door.

This Daily Telegraph article has certainly made us think here at GFD HQ – if this is a Policing policy to be considered nationally we may have to consider adding security upgrades as standard to your new home if you live in an odd numbered home – we may even have to consider discounting the price for such individuals – the problem is some other Police force will probably only attend odd numbered house burglaries and leave the evens unattended so best we leave our pricing structure the same for the present.

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