Celebrate Summer with Anemone’s and aubergine


Celebrate Summer with Anemone’s and aubergine – No 5 in the Timber Composite Doors series of doors that money cannot buy

Take one Solidor Conway door of Rich Aubergine Colour and mix it with an artistically enhanced image of a bouqet of anenome (or their lookalike) the flowers not the sea creature – add a welcoming message to greet all commers and what do we have but Anemone’s and aubergine

Anemone  is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants from the Ranunculaceae family – the one we normally think of as the buttercup , a plant native to a temperate climate, which according to the Oxford English Dictionary the name anemone comes from the Greek meaning  “daughter of the wind”, which sounds just about right when married with the curvaceous Conway it creates a beautiful door

The curvaceous Conway – a fully panelled door, a four panelled door with a glazed curved head panel, or a two panelled door with two glazed upper panels and a glazed curved head panel, it sounds like we are describing three doors but we are not. The curvaceous Conway we call it so because of the wonderful clean lines of the head panel is a door that comes in many guises that the permutations are endless. A full range of sixteen colours, glazing options to suit either a single glazed curved head panel or matched upper and curved head panel and if you want to make it more complex the top curved top head panel is also available as a four pane “sunburst” style.

The Conway is one of the most versatile doors in the Solidor catalogue and just to prove the point here are two more options of the patterns that are available for this door

Conway Composite Doors

At GFD HQ our current favourite Conway is the “Anemone and aubergine “ the only one of this versatile style of door that money cannot buy

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