Bravo Broncos


It’s all over for another year and what a spectacular it proved to be 71,000 people crammed into the Levi Stadium, Santa Clara, California – a 100,000,000 + glued to their TV sets in the USA and a worldwide audience of???? name your own guess – with beer at $13 a can and Pizza at $10 a slice inside the stadium everything was set for a great spectacle.

And that’s before the supporting cast even get a mention – most of us would be more than happy to see a cast of –

Lady Gaga singing the anthem

and these three, Beyonce – Coldplay(Chris Martin) and Bruno Mars providing the back up

With that line up the game for many would have been the support event.

Here at GFD HQ no one made it to half time so we have being playing catch up on the video clips of the entertainment – we are sure the game was gripping although the pundits say it was not one of the best Super bowls. Whilst we at GFD HQ appreciate the razzmatazz that goes with this event we have to admit that we prefer our UK version of the football game played with a round ball.

As we are always looking for ways to advertise our superb range of Solidor doors all of which are available on line through our Timber Composite Door site we had to check out the cost of TV advertising for a slot during the Super bowl and with an average cost of US$ 5 million for a 30 second slot – checking out the rate was as far as we got.

Our doors are excellent value superb styles, a brilliant range of colours and a multitude of glazing and hardware accessories but US$ 5 million is a bit rich for us – we thought about trying to calculate how many doors we would need to sell to justify that kind of expenditure and very quickly gave up – but compared to the US $ 13 and US$10 pizza slice our doors are remarkably good value – which would you prefer – as 10 US$ is currently approx £7 would it be –

One of these installed

Solidor Ludlow Timber Composite Door

A lovely Ludlow in Irish Oak to enhance your home

or approx 160 of these – guaranteed to make you ill if you went for them all in one sitting.

So there you have it a stylish new front door installed at your home is better value than its equivalent weight in Super bowl pizzas – now that is value for money.

Oh we nearly forgot to mention the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24 – 10


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