Winter is Coming !


Winter is Coming ! -It has not arrived yet – but it will

The cold white fluffy stuff that makes our world look both beautiful and surreal is what we are talking about – snow we all love to look at it – but few of us like the cold and draughts that come with the first falls of winter. When it snows, or even when autumn/winter winds blow and the rain lashes in horizontally, there is only one place to be – warm and cosy “in doors” and on the subject of doors not everyone realises that an old badly fitted door can be responsible for the loss of up to 11% of the heat in their property.

At GFD HQ we always try to operate in a transparent manner – always attempt to give our customers the best and most current advice – best products best service etc. We know the specification of our doors means that they are all “thermally efficient” and that they are all factory draught sealed which means that if you were to purchase one today you could have it installed in a matter of weeks – your home would be warmer, draughts would be eliminated and you would use less energy to heat your home so you would be saving on the heating bills. At GFD we are a 24/7 -365 days a year (less Christmas / Bank Holidays etc) kind of a company, we do not stop fitting doors just because the seasons change and much as our installation teams may not like the cold it actually acts as an incentive to spur them on to get the job done as quickly as possible – something which also works well for our clients particularly. Most of our installations (single doors) are comfortably completed in a day and our installation teams operate under a pretty strict set of rules designed to minimise the inconvenience to the customer. We, are always surprised when we receive customer correspondence such as that below. –

“We have actually decided to put this project on hold for the time being. We have been unable to reach a decision and with winter approaching we don’t want to be having a door fitted during the colder months. We have decided to leave it until the spring 2019 but I will keep your details on file for then”

 A GFD thought for the day and the same advice we give to such customers as above –

Which would you prefer –

“Four to maybe six hours of inconvenience whilst our installation teams do what they do best or four to six months (if we have a November to March winter) of draughts, constant cold and excessive energy bills”

Here at GFD we consider it a “no brainer” and that is not just because we want the sale – anything that saves money (and will do for the next thirty years – the expected life span of our doors) in the current financial climate has to be good for the individual.

As we stated earlier we always try to assist our customers – if budget is the cause of delayed purchase we can assist with our 0% interest Finance packages (for applicants who comply with requirements’)

There is of course a further advantage in purchasing a new door at any time of the year – they look great and will instantly add value to your property and you will attract a lot of attention from your family friends and neighbours which we hope will be all good if you have used our “door designer” wisely and purchased a door which is both stylish and sympathetic to your property.

At GFD Group we try to offer as many options as possible to our the best and most current advice – best products best service which is why rather than offering a single we site from which to select your new door, we actually offer five –

Timber Composite Doors,

Global Door,

Composite Door Prices,

Bi fold Door Prices and

WarmCore Homes

– they are all packed full of specification, commercial and legal information and they all offer something slightly different in the way of product. That something different includes, windows, rooflights and lantern lights as well as Doors of every style to suit every location in your property and as they can all be purchased and installed generally within two – three weeks – to steal a slogan from a well-known manufacture of sports equipment –

Why wait – “Just Do It” – the long range forecast is for a Long hard winter.

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