“Who“ missed a trick



We think we did – back in 2011 around about May our sales guys received a call (on what has to be admitted was a very bad line) from what we thought was some Oriental guy called “Hoo” – the enquiry seemed straight forward he was looking for a Tenby elegance panelled door in blue – no problem. It was only when we asked about fitting that things got complicated – he said it was not a conventional fit, mentioned a place called Gallifrey  – but we could not find a post code – then he said he would collect but never showed up – which was as well because he did not leave a deposit so we did not organise the manufacture of the door.

Strangely a few weeks later an episode of the superb Dr Who (4th episode -6th series) featured an episode called “The Doctors Wife “  in which the TARDIS (and yes we do know it means Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is destroyed and the Dr is looking for spare parts to rebuild it.

Coincidence or what – you decide but we think we missed out on a massive marketing opportunity.

So why do we mention this bit of trivia – because it’s just happened again. As every good fan knows each time the Dr regenerates (and its currently happening as we await the new series) something normally changes in the appearance of the TARDIS normally the interior and frequently the control console, but maybe this time the entry door is getting the once over.


This time the guy who rang the office was somewhat more articulate – would not give his name (which is logical if he was regenerating) and said he had retrieved the original quotation and had checked out our credentials on TRUST PILOT – he also had some strange specification questions –

How would it perform in warp conditions? – no problem our doors do not warp

How strong and resilient was it? – no problem all our doors are Secured by Design and PAS 23/24 accredited.

Could he install it himself as it was not a conventional fit? – no problem our doors are some of the easiest DIY fits

Could he have a hands free or voice operated locking system? A bit space age we thought but we pointed him in the direction of the DoorBot and NFC ring

All questions answered he asked for the door to be delivered to an address in Cardiff . We did not want to miss out this time, so by now the door should be en route to him and as  we want to know what he thinks about the quality and our service so we have asked that he place a review on TRUST PILOT, So Mr “Who” finally after much deliberation, decided on Solidor Composite French Doors.. Heres some of his choices!

Watch this space Timber Composite Doors could be about to go stellar.

in the meantime.. check out the new trailer and see what the new look tardis really looks like… not long now!

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