What does your favourite Solidor Timber Composite Door Colour say about you?




For example, if your favourite colour is a blue-green shade, the word is you are bound to be a snappy dresser! This is apparently the colour of choice of someone who is sophisticated, and a connoisseur of great food and wine. (I always did like a bluey green come to think of it…)

Then again, this could all be a load of mumbo-jumbo, which is why TCD have complied a new study on colour that you know you can trust!

We may not be psychologists, but we are experts in the science of supplying and installing high quality Solidor Composite Doors.

What qualifications do we have to present a study like this? Well you could call it a PhD – that’s Purveyors of High-security Doors!

So here is a list based on our stunning range of 17 door colours – find out what your favourite Solidor colour says about you…

Anthracite Grey – this tells us that you are a cool, collected type with an eye for style. This dark, understated grey is perfect for a classy customer such as yourself.

Schwarzbraun – the colour choice of a reassured individual – you certainly know your own mind! You know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to get it – like a stunning Italia range composite door with matching schwarzbraun frame!

Rosewood – you favour the traditional things in life, and prefer the classic look when it comes to décor. Rosewood suggests you also take great pride in your home – probably why you are going to enhance it with a Timber Composite Door!

Rich Aubergine – Stop traffic, there’s a trendsetter coming through! This colour suggests you have a real eye for flair, and are one step ahead of the pack. You aren’t afraid to make a bold statement, and with a Pisa door in rich aubergine and designer handles your gamble will pay off!

Red – chances are you are at heart a thrill seeker, and are not afraid to grab life by the short and curlys. A red Solidor adds passion and character to your home, and is the perfect choice for determined people such as yourself.

Luxury Mocha – now here is somebody who appreciates the finer things in life. You take the time to stop and smell the coffee, which in your case is probably a double strength caramel macchiato. Your new Palermo solid door in luxury mocha with designer handles is the kind of entrance door you deserve.

Irish Oak – you have a soft spot for classic styling, but also you aren’t afraid to push the envelope and try new things. Irish oak perfectly captures the sense of a traditional wood effect, but also looks just a little bit special…

Green – now here is someone who is loyal – not only towards others but also to your own convictions and sense of style! A classic, dark green entrance door with gold furniture is the mark of a customer with integrity.

Golden Oak – this is the colour choice of someone who takes great pride in his or her appearance. Chances are we won’t catch you popping to the shop in your jogging bottoms! Presentation is important, which is why you’ve chosen a stylish Milano door in golden oak with matching frames.

French Grey – a colour that is rooted in understated style, you are an intelligent person who has an eye for the more subtle things in life. The new Biella door you have chosen in beautiful French grey reflects this.

Foiled White – given that you require a matching grained frame, we know that you are a details guy or gal! The type of person to leave no stone unturned, you certainly don’t suffer fools gladly.

Duck Egg Blue – this colour suggests you have a calm, gentle nature. You also have an artistic side, which is why you have an eye for this beautiful pastel colour.

Cream – you are generally a happy person and you like to share your knowledge with others. Rather than choose standard white frames, you have chosen cream, which gives a warmer feel to your home.

Chartwell Green – whether you live in the country or not, this colour suggests you have a love for the great outdoors. You aren’t the sort to be cooked up in the house all day, and the gorgeous Beeston door you have just ordered in chartwell green with matching frame proves this!

Blue – you are somebody that likes harmony, and you have a penchant for the quiet life. This dark, rich colour is no nonsense and reflects your stable personality. Not a bad person to have in a crisis!

Black – another artistic type, you have a creative side that you love to express. Your new Solidor composite door reflects this, as you have chosen a Florence Italia design with ES3 designer handles and satin glass.

White – you are a logical thinker who can see the wood for the trees. This colour is often overlooked, but when combined with the right glass and design can be the most striking. Bravo on recognizing this, as your new Ludlow door with heritage lock and elegance glass looks terrific!

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