We will install anywhere except ?? take 2 – maybe here


We will install anywhere except ?? take 2 – maybe here

At Timber Composite Door we pride ourselves that we will deliver anywhere – fortunately anywhere is currently limited to the UK which means – thankfully- we will never have to visit a street like this one in Viet Nam

For a start – where would we put the van

Equally as importantly what kind of a door would fit in such surroundings – at Timber Composite door we have a spectacular range but picking a door for this street would be a definite challenge anything with glass could be ruled out unless of course you enjoy up close train spotting.

Something strong and secure – with excellent sound and thermal qualities would be appear to be a necessity for some companies with limited ranges the challenge would already be over, but as our Solidor range of standard and Italia Collection doors includes ninewhich can be taken as solid options the selection problem would be just beginning – and the nine –

From the standard range –

The Conway solid

The Flint solid

The Ludlow solid

The Tenby solid

The Thornbury

The Windsor solid

And from the Italia Collection-

The Ancona

The Palermo

The Verona

If you want to add in a small glazed light as an option you can actually more than double your number of options

In such a location as this the door has to be strong and secure we have previously highlighted how all of our Solidor doors are leaders in the compliance with the latest changes to Part Q of the Building Regulations and how they all now carry the Ultion lock – one of the current most secure locks available

As for thermal and sound insulation – as the core of our doors is a 48mm thick hardwood core – which is 10% thicker than most comparable doors our doors exceed the industry standard for both of these criteria.


Solidor Palermo Timber Composite Door


Which leaves us with style and colour – we have our nine styles and our preference would be the Palermo – it just oozes class and with eighteen colours to choose from – what fits with grime smoke and steam and would still look good – we would opt for a grey door and frame as it is probably the most likely to blend in with its surroundings.

As for accessories something to make the neighbours take a second look – an extended bar handle, a brushed aluminium letterplate and door knocker – the door knocker would probably be essential for the cacophony of sound that would exist in this street

So there we have it the perfect door for a house within two feet of a railway line in Viet Nam

The Palermo in grey with matching accessories it looks really good but here at GFD HQ we are secretly hoping we never have to install it on this street – but it could look just as good on your home.

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