Solidor Italia Collection: Pisa a door that will not lean


Pisa  a city in Tuscany in Central Italy capital of the Province of Pisa, situated at the mouth of the river Arno on the Tyrrhenian Sea it is home to approx 90,000 residents and contains more than twenty historic churches, several palaces, and a number of bridges that are all of significant architectural interest. And yet, if the town of Pisa is mentioned in conversation, only one thought comes to mind – the “leaning Tower”, the tower which is actually the  freestanding bell tower of the cities cathedral. There are numerous articles and documents written around the history of the construction of the  tower, but one question never gets raised, we know it was built over a 200year period between 1173 and 1372, we know it was built in many phases often interrupted by wars a sort of build three floors fight a war, kind of sequence as Pisa at this time was a major maritime force often involved in disputes   The tower’s tilt it is generally accepted began during construction, caused by an inadequate foundation on ground too soft on one side to adequately support the structure’s weight.

We know that at its worst period the tower leaned at 5.5 degrees before corrective action during the 21st century reduced this to 3.99 degrees the current top of the tower being displaced by 3.9metres, it is 55.86 metres tall at one side and 56.67 metres at the other it weighs approximately 14,500 tons and it has seven bells – all in all it is pretty spectacular feat of engineering – good or bad dependent upon personal opinion. Some, as in the photograph below forget the architectural merits and simply view the Tower as a source of photographic amusement.

However in all the numerous facts regarding the construction specification one aspect of the design never gets a mention and we at Timber Composite Doors believe this is a glaring omission – WHAT ABOUT THE DOORS – DO THEY LEAN – all the photographs indicate that they do but were they designed that way, have they been re engineered to match the Towers movements, more importantly if they do lean how do they open, we all know how difficult it is to open our own domestic doors when they warp or twist even slightly.

A composite door of stylish simplicity with a circular glazing feature divided into two individual panes by a horizontal glazing bar, add a horizontally mounted curved chrome handle land your door will look stunning. Plus when you purchase your “Pisa” door as a door and installation package from Timber Composite Door we will guarantee that your door will not “lean” – just a plain simple perfectly square solid installation exactly like the thousands we have previously successfully installed.

Timber Composite Doors, we have been installing composite doors for over five years and none of them lean – check out what our customers think by reading their independent reviews on “Trust Pilot” which you will find on our web site.


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