Solidor Harlech Composite Door – by Timber Composite Doors


The handsome Solidor Harlech Composite Door a door that seems to know that  it looks good, a door with bold lines and strong positive features that give it a unique masculine feel, a door that instantly gives the impression that it is ready to take on whatever the elements throw at it. The angled heads of the two top glazed panels point skywards and seem to further emphasise the strengths of this door style, particularly when any of the carefully selected glazing options with their use of strong vertical lines and geometrical shapes lines are chosen to enhance the door. The Harlech comes in a full range of colours from the strong dark colours which suit this style to lighter pastel colours which in this instance do not seem to detract from the strength of the door.

The Harlech is a very popular choice with our customers and is a door which when sales are analysed, rather than be defined by geographical location it is a door that fits firmly into the style of property category. This is a door that is popular in properties with porches, particularly stone porches where the theme of strength and solidity is reflected in our customer’s choice of use for this door. The theme of strength continues with the choice of colours and accessories where the preferred colours are those of a darker hue, black blue and green and this is one door where the use of our “Urn” or “Lion head” in either gold or black door knocker with matching letter plate and door handles seems to be a chosen option on every order.

The handsome Harlech a door that looks good, because it is good a door when selected in bold colours sits perfectly into a contrasting white frame and when selected in pastel colours gains added strength from the sympathetic use of frames of a matching colour. See more Solidor Harlech Composite Doors in our Gallery

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