Solidor Flint Composite Door by Timber Composite Doors


that will look good anywhere from apartments to country cottages, but it is in the latter location where it will really come to life. The  standard Flint Solidor  is a one that looks as if it belongs in a country setting on cottages, farmhouses, front doors or backdoors or even doors with side panels and particularly so when it can be adapted to a stable door styling. The stable door version of this door is increasing in popularity and it is not hard to understand why, simple and uncompromising in design and yet extremely functional in purpose it is the perfect style of door to adapt to this option.  When this door is redesigned to accommodate one of the contemporary glazing styles of single or triple diamond shaped glass features or even the variable length centre panel, the door takes on a completely new identity which could be equally suited to suburban living. This is a door which gives you so many options where you can choose whether you wish to personalise it for country or city living.

From our sales figures country wins over suburbia we have installed this door on cottages and farmhouses and the stable door option has proved popular in both situations but the one our customers seem to like best is the Flint Solid in green , naturally, to match the country setting with our “pewter” door knocker and matching accessories. A surprising contender for the most popular door in this range is the Flint 3 sea green square (triple diamond pattern) in duck egg blue which has been installed in a number of doors located in city centre apartments.

The Cottage Flint –(see our gallery) it’s all in the name this is a door which was designed with the country in mind it is however a door  of simple design which takes on a whole new identity when any one of the choice of glazing options is incorporated, options that are so sophisticated they can turn a country door into a townie



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