Out with the Old & In with the New- New Website


Out with the old and in with the new a saying associated with the turning of the year but that’s also the way we roll at GFD Trading Ltd. We know that GFD Trading Ltd is a name that will be unknown to many, because it’s the group name that encompasses a number of very successful “on line” companies who can provide you with the door of your choice whether you are looking to the trade or retail. The more familiar names of Global Door, Fusion Door and Timber Composite Door are always up there with the internet big hitters rarely off the first page of any browser engine and yes they are all part of the GFD stable.

Something is stirring down at the GFD studio as one of our portfolio “Timber Composite Doors “is about to become the latest of our web sites to undergo a revamp and this time when we say revamp we mean something completely different in appearance. If a picture truly paints a thousand words then there is nowhere else to go for your new door than the Timber Composite Door web site, we have stripped it back to its very core and started again – gone are all those excess words that filled up space but said very little – in are dynamic images that show you what your door is all about- the styles – the vibrant colours – the glazing – the accessories –the eco credentials –the specifications- the guarantees and certification – if less is more is the way to go this web site has it all. The style of the web site may have become more dynamic but nothing has been lost in terms of content – all the information you need to help you select your new door is still there but the touch and feel of the site is different it’s faster its more responsive it’s so user friendly that anyone can navigate it.

By now you have probably realised we are pretty proud of this latest development so why did we need to advise that Timber Composite Door are part of GFD Trading Ltd.- simple so you do not think we are some new company with no track record or history. The exact opposite is the way it is, the group has been around for some five years in which time we have sold over 2000 doors, no mean feat in today’s environment, and we have lead the market with our previous innovative web sites being one of the first to introduce “door designers” and “visualisers”- ideas that have been copied by many but never bettered by any.

So now that you know Timber Composite Doors is no “here today gone tomorrow company” what exactly are we selling – for this venture we have teamed with another of the industries forward thinking companies, Solidor a company that openly advertises its “Green “credentials and does so proudly. A company that offers something different in composite doors – something natural, a compressed timber core rather than compressed polyurethane foam cores, something different in new and innovative styles, particularly the “Italia Collection” a range of doors that are quite simply breathtaking in the simplicity and beauty of their styling – even more so when coupled with the matching “state of the art” accessories that are available to grace these doors.

Solidors range of doors are the match of all and the better of many comparable composite doors they have all of the certification from the thermal requirements of “u” values, the strength and durability of PAS 23/24 testing to the security of “Secured by Design” (the one the Police and Insurance companies endorse)
A superb range of doors – complemented by the perfect web site to showcase them that is what Timber Composite Doors are all about

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