Maybe now is the time to buy
Against all the odds Jeremy Corbyn has now made the position of Leader of the Labour party his own a feat for which he is to be congratulated but what will his policies be for the future.

At GFD Group HQ we are not a particularly politically motivated lot – we more or less fall into the silent majority category but even we have to admit that there is something intriguing about Mr Corbyn. For the majority of his political career he has been at odds with his own party – he has supported many policies that the majority of his political colleagues could or would not endorse and yet he is now their leader.
The politics of Mr Corbyn are likely to be very different from his predecessors and the coming months will no doubt be very interesting in determining the route his opposition to the Conservative leadership will take. The majority of Mr Corbyns views have been well documented and one of the main thrusts of his policies as he has stated will be to end austerity by the introduction of higher taxes and greater investment in industry.
At GFD HQ we all for increased investment in industry but like many other companies will be we are concerned about where these increased taxes may fall.
At Timber Composite Door as with all of the GFD Group of Companies –Global Door, Composite Door Prices and Global sash windows we always endeavour to give our customers the most cost effective deals when it comes to purchase of any of our doors or windows and the associated installations so of course we as many others will be are concerned at the possibility of increased taxes which could impact upon the competitive cost of our service. Whilst we accept that Mr Corbyn has a few years to go before the next election when he may be able to progress his plans it is never to soon to contemplate changing your front door and if you choose to take this action any time soon we at GFD HQ can guarantee that you will be getting a superb deal both financially and with the quality of your purchase.
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