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This a city that has been around for a long time being first founded sometime back in the Bronze Age according to historians and it was believed that it was given its name of Parma by the Etruscans who held power in Northern Italy during the period 300 – 800 BC – the name itself is believed to have derived from the Etruscan word for shield which was “parma” which was unusual in as much as it was circular as opposed to the more common rectangular. With any city of such antiquity Parma has a constant place in Italian history and has developed an Architecture and Culture that has grown with the city, there are however other very good reasons for singing the praises of this fine city- its culinary exports.

Who can think of Italian food and not think of the two most famous foods produced in this region Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese – both items that have tradition and history as part of their heritage – what would Spag Bog be without a smothering of Parmesan.


These are not products that someone has thought “let’s make a ham or a cheese” these are products that have a long exacting and painstaking production.

In the case of Prosciutto di Parma, ham made from the rear haunches of the pig it must be cured with pure sea salt using only sufficient salt to preserve it in order to keep the meat as sweet-tasting and as supple as possible- for more information see

For Parmesan Cheese the milk is only suitable if it comes from cattle raised on natural grassland pastures – the following web site describes the process far better than we ever could –

As with so many Italian cities Parma also has pasta’s which it claims as its own the two notable examples being “tortelli d’erbetta” and “anolini in brodo” and if that has whet your appetite and you want an insight into an old fashioned kitchen of the area take a look at –

We at Timber Composite Door love our Italian food almost as much as we love the doors of the Solidor Italia range and yes there is one called the Parma and what a tasty example of a door it is – with four equal size vertically aligned glazed panels it’s a door that looks good in pastel shades with modern hardware accessories the ES 1800 straight handle looks particularly good – the same handle that created so many problems for a salesman in a previous trilogy of just for fun articles that appeared here (this link finds No 1 just scroll up to find 2&3)


Any door that looks as good as this is tasty enough to live with the name – the Parma and in order to have one all you have to do is call us and we will take care of the details

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