In praise of our world



In praise of our world

Some eight years ago when selecting the name of the Company we had a vision that would one day we would be be a Global entity we have made it to the National status but in these troubled times the term “global” for anyone or anything seems little more than a cruel illusion for anyone of a number of reasons –
The future of the world has been in the hands of humanity numerous times in the past –with wars both real and cold and endless political standoffs and displays of atrocity neighbour to neighbour but the future that faces us now is more than ever one only we can jointly mould. There have been plenty of individuals both past and present who have pointed the way with meaningful quotes that give us an incite into the type of global family we should all aspire to be – here are just four

Eugene V Dabs – American Union Leader

Robert Swan – Explorer

Mother Teresa – Missionary and religious leader

Nelson Mandela – Anti – apartheid revolutionary

At GFD HQ we are not Politicians, we are not even great thinkers we have opinions but we rarely share them – as a group we are focused on our business – but for the sake of ourselves, our children, our children’s, children, and humanity in general something has to change and it has to change soon to ensure the Global survival of our world – we could do a lot worse than adopting the above four quotes as foundation stones of our philosophy for the future.

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