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Solidor Florence Timber Composite DoorAny supplier will tell you there product is the best… it’s a simple fact.. Why else would they be selling them if they didnt “believe” in their product?

Yes, some might be cynical and suggest that some just want a quick “buck” at the expense of their customers, others might even suggest, that they want to “stack em high and sell em cheap!”

But here at Timber Composite Doors we like to think we are a little different, we’ve been in the industry both as “man and boy” and its fair to say we have fitted one or two doors across the years, (probably some 3000+ in the last 4 years alone)

We’ve seen good doors, and we have seen bad doors ! We’ve seen them all, and when we found the Solidor Timber Composite Door Range, we were literally stopped in our tracks!

This is THE DOOR!

Yes, like we’ve said, you might expect us to say that. But we are not the only ones saying it… Our Customers are too.. They are the ones, who have worked hard, saved and are making the choices, they are our sternest critics and our best advertisement, if they are happy, its fair to say we are doing something right… ( well lots of things right we like to think!)

A recent Customer Mark Ingram sums things up perfectly we think…

I spent some time on the internet looking at the options for a composite door.

There are the run of the mill doors and there are Timbercomposite doors.

At Timbercomposite the range was better, the quality far more superior – so I designed my door online and the quotation came back within minutes. I did make a few amendments to my original design which was no problem and the staff were extremeley helpful.

The door was manufactured and fitted within two weeks, the installers were fantastic and did a first class job. Very happy with everything and if you can afford the best I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

you can see Mark’s review and those of other customers at

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