And the answers to our Wimbledon celebrities –

No1 – not Irish but Scottish we give you a fully grown Andy Murray if he ever learns to smile maybe he could become as photogenic as our No 4 Tennis Superstar – no forget we said that


No2- could it be anyone other than the Spanish heartthrob Rafael Nadal – wish I was that good looking – we chose this picture for all you women out there.


No3 – Not a Scotland strip in fact we have no idea whose strip it is this time he has discarded the cardigan for a jacket it is the Swiss sensation that is Roger Federer


No 4 – a bonnie baby who grew up into a lovely young lady that is if you can cancel out the deafening “grunt” she makes every time she strikes the ball it can only be Maria Sharapova and the only reason that we have used more than one photograph of her here is because she is more photogenic– honest – although maybe not in this classic example of the Sharapova “grunt”



But certainly in these ones which we like a little better –

sharapova2 sharapova3

And we thought we had better include this one because as we said this is one photogenic young lady


Good luck to them one and all