Something in common – Take 2

As our first “something in common” item was a little obscure for some of our readers and it probably was wunless you were into health and fitness and or obscure gangsters so this time we thought we would make the clues a little easier for our Solidor Italia Collection photographic link –



No.1 no it is not Bianca out of Eastenders – the microphone and that pose are a giveaway – obviously a singer and from the styling pretty modern


No.2 we make no apologies here no matter how old or how young you are everyone will have come across this character and we do not mean the dog


No. 3 Depending upon how many boxes of chocolates you have bought or maybe how many Jig saws you have completed somewhere in there you will have come across this world famous image.

If you want a few more clues what about a couple of soundtracks for Nos1&2 –

you decide which applies to which – a prominent them tune of times pasta modern classic

The Answer

No. 1 It could be no other but Florence Welch lead singer of the London based Indie band Florence and the Machine

No. 2 If it was not Dougal then it has to be Florence – who among us have not seen and loved these two mainstay characters of “the Magic Roundabout” or if you prefer the original French title                     La Manege Enchante

No. 3 Possibly the most romantic city in the world Florence and the view used here “bridges over the Arno river”

No. 4 The connection to Timber Composite Doors – the beautiful Florence door one of the stunning range of the Solidor Italia Collection and the fourth image is –

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 13.35.44

In either Black                                                                           or Duck egg blue

It is one stunning door

The Florence with its vertical glazed panels simply oozes class whether you mix and match with traditional or contemporary hardware it is a door as stylish and romantic as the city after which it is named and it looks really good in anyone of the seventeen colours in which it is available – they say that once you have visited Florence the magic of the city will stay with you forever and that also just about sums up the way that we at GFD HQ feel about the magic of this beautiful door