It’s almost time for Halloween and the spooking season!

Just for a bit of fun we thought we’d give all our doors a “spooky” makeover, so we’ve hidden inside each door a famous scary movie,Can you spot a  @SolidorLtd Palermo hiding a Psycho?

spooky-door-37 spooky-door-36 spooky-door-35 spooky-door-34 spooky-door-33 spooky-door-32 spooky-door-31 spooky-door-30 spooky-door-29 spooky-door-28 spooky-door-27 spooky-door-26 spooky-door-25 spooky-door-24 spooky-door-23 spooky-door-22 spooky-door-21 spooky-door-20 spooky-door-19 spooky-door-18 spooky-door-17 spooky-door-16 spooky-door-15 spooky-door-13 spooky-door-14 spooky-door-11 spooky-door-12 spooky-door-10 spooky-door-9 spooky-door-8 spooky-door-7 spooky-door-6 spooky-door-5 spooky-door-4 spooky-door-3 spooky-door-2 spooky-door1

Have a little Spooky fun and “happy Halloween” from us all at Timber Composite Doors